One of the most important artifacts in all of Asgard, this mystical mirror allows the user to contact any god, no matter where he or she is. It is a serious crime all but Odin uses this device.

The Water Mirror is in the Hall of Valhalla in Asgard. It lets you communicate with the person that you want or teleport through worlds. It plays a big role in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.


Water Mirror

Valkyrie Profile: LennethEdit

The Water Mirror allows Freya and Odin to communicate with Lenneth Valkyrie doing his duty and give him objects to each Sacred Phase . This is also the place where the rest of the Dragon Orb stolen by Odin.

The Water Mirror has a more important role if you are targeting the end A. With the help of Loki, Lucian communicates with Lenneth , allowing Loki to steal the Dragon Orb . Lucian gives a valkyrie of ear loops Platina , hoping that this will help to regain his memory and go find another, he left the tomb of Platina . However, Lenneth is angry at his presumption . Loki reveals his plan and kills Lucian , using it as a scapegoat for the theft of the Orb .

In the last scene or the mirror is uitlisé is in the Sacred Phase Chapter 7-8 . Freya teaches Lenneth Lucian died and betrayed Odin, emme asks Lenneth to go to the Palace of Venerated Dragon to see if the Orb is not here . In fact , Loki explains the facts to Odin and Freya Lucian accusing him of stealing the Dragon Orb . But the two gods are not entirely convinced of this, especially Freya .

Valkyrie Profile 2: SilmeriaEdit

" With this mirror you can talk to people and carry away the things you put into it " -Alicia of Dipan -

The Water Mirror must be surely be used by Odin and Freya for Hrist . In the story it appears at the end of Chapter 5. Alicia Rufus and Arngrim are in the process of recovering the Dragon Orb and Brahms crystallized resting in this place. She explains how the mirror and then prepare to return to Midgard with the Orb and Brahms. But it is interrupted by Hrist that asks for their help in saving stop Lezard and Silmeria . Alicia asks the following conditions: return the Orb and free Midgard Brahms. Hrist is about to accept, but Freya attending this scene is furious that a human makes a deal with God . She all but Hrist attack remains neutral . Freya makes the mistake of attacking Arngrim , Hrist intervenes , stopping and then uses the Dragon Orb as a distraction to take the Water Mirror and teleport in the Tower of Lezard Valeth . During the attack the mirror broke and Hrist has kept to return there or desired song.

At the end of the game Rufus takes the mirror to go to Asgard and Midgard Arngrim to go .


  • It seems curious that the Water Mirror was chosen by Odin as the place where the rest of the Dragon Orb.
  • In Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, may have seen in the cinematic elements that different turn.

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