The Vanir is the race of ice giants featured in Valkyrie ProfileRagnarok will begin when the Vanir go to war with the Aesir. Hel and the undead wage war against the Aesir at the same time as the Vanir but there is no indication that the two are allies. Surt specifically states that he does not need the help of monsters like Bloodbane or Fenrir when Loki offers their services.

List of Vanir Edit

  • Surt: Leader of the Vanir. He is a final boss in Valkyrie Profile (B Final).
  • Loki: Half-aesir, half-vanir. He lives in Asgard with the Aesir. He is a final boss in A Final of Valkyrie Profile.
  • Mimir: She was beheaded many years ago but her living head is in the possession of Odin.

Mythology Edit

The Vanir are one of the two races of Gods which are mentioned in Norse Myth. The other being the Aesir, a fact the game has correctly implemented, even though some myths regarding both are completelly wrong regarding the original myths. One of them making the Ragnarok between the Aesir and the Vanir, when in Ragnarok both races are united as the Aesir and fight the Giants in Ragnarok. Surt, who is called King of the Vanir, is not a god at all but is instead the king of Muspelheim, the land of fire and also a Giant, while the original game features him as the king of Jotunheim, the place of the Frost Giants. However the game makes some corrections in this, as Surt uses fire elemental attacks which fits him properly, also the swap pallete within the Seraphic Gate features him as the Giant Lord, which is not at all mistaken.

The game also has some mistakes regarding the original myth about the Aesir. For example, Odin is called a half-elf, which is not true according to the original myth. Freya is featured as an Aesir when in fact she was originally a Vanir, her turning on the Aesir was one of the reasons why the two races united, while in the game we clearly see how she wants to promote the destruction of the Vanir.



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