Valkyrie Profile is a manga adaptation of the video game of the same name. It was published by Gekkan Shounen Gangan and was drawn by Yu Hijikata. It slightly differs from the video game's storyline.




Volume 1
  • Chapter 1: The Battle Maiden
  • Chapter 2: The Hollow Statue
  • Chapter 3 : The Meaningless Battle
  • Chapter 4 : The Path
  • Chapter 5 : Destiny
  • Chapter 6 : Justice and Power
Volume 2
  • Chapter 7 : The Gong of Destiny
  • Chapter 8 : The Lily Meadow Memory
  • Chapter 9 : The Undulating Destiny
  • Chapter 10 : Awaken
  • Chapter 11 : The Twilight of Gods
  • Chapter 12 : Hope


  • Lezard was shown to have assisted in Lombert's plan from the beginning
  • Lawfer's death was fully elaborated
  • Lenneth's seal broke during/moments-before Lucian's recruitment
    • Hrist also replaced Lenneth during this moment
    • Jelanda was the one present during the replacement of the Valkyries instead of Mystina, she also spoke the lines that Mysty said in the game.
  • Loki helped Lucian escape to Valhalla only for the Einherjar to fight Sleipnir instead of using the Water Mirror.
  • Instead of Lenneth's lingering spirit shielding Arngrim and Mystina, it was Lezard who saved Arngrim and Jelanda.
  • Lezard killed Mystina after Hrist appeared.