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Transmutate is an item-conversion system available in Valkyrie Profile. It requires 5 MPs. Some transmuted items are irreversible, but some can be re-transmuted back to its original. Several items can also be, or can only be, transmuted differently. Normal Transmutations are the basic transmutation method available in the game. Once the player acquires the Creation Gem Possession Item, the player can do Gem Transmutations, which can Transmutate an Orihalcon to a Creation Jewel which is necessary to do a Jewel Transmutation. You can only equip either Creation Gem or Creation Jewel at a time, equipping both at the same time only activates the Jewel Transmutation and doesn't do anything else.

Item Normal Transmutation Gem Transmutation Jewel Transmutation
Broken Spear Glaive Warhammer Crimson Edge
Vegetable Seed Elixir Prime Banish Noble Elixir
Savory Banish Prime Elixir Noble Banish
Foxglove Union Plume Union Plume Union Plume
Nightshade Combo Potion Combo Potion Combo Potion
Iron Ore Ebony Powder Energy Ring Gem of Activity
Mithril Ore Earing of Healing Ring of Healing Ring of Learning
Fresh Meat Banish Prime Elixir Noble Banish
Neckless Doll Scout Orb Haste Ring Gem of Creation
Ebony Powder Skill Potion Skill Potion Material Potion
Citrine Lapis Lazuli Quartz Gem Quartz Gem
Base Metal Ebony Powder Crack Ring Gem of Illusion
Raw Meat Elixir Prime Banish Noble Elixir
Quartz Gem Malice Search none Scarlet Edge
Lapis Lazuli Enemy Search none Last Trial
Feather Elixir Prime Banish Noble Elixir
Invisibility Potion Lucid Potion Lucid Potion Lucid Potion
Triple Distress none none Last Trial
Last Trial none none Resist Damage
Resist Damage none none Triple Distress
Sealed Box Noble Elixir Noble Elixir Noble Elixir
Inscribed Fragment Trap Search Trap Search Trap Search
Secret of Damascus Fairy Earing Fairy Earing Fairy Earing
Element Scepter Tome of Alchemy Tome of Alchemy Tome of Alchemy
Ether Scepter Tome of Alchemy Tome of Alchemy Tome of Alchemy
Raptor's Claw Poison Crystal Poison Crystal none
Ghoul Powder Ice Crystal Ice Crystal none
Mandrake Thunder Crystal Thunder Crystal none
Aconite Flare Crystal Flare Crystal none
Aqua Vitae Quartz Gem Icicle Guard none
Burgundy Flask Shadow Crystal Shadow Crystal none
Fire Storm Fire Lance Frigid Damsel none
Fire Lance Fire Storm Icicle Edge none
Icicle Edge Frigid Damsel Fire Lance none
Frigid Damsel Icicle Edge Fire Storm none
Lightning Bolt Prismatic Missile Poison Blow none
Prismatic Missile Lightning Bolt Stone Torch none
Poison Blow Stone Torch Lightning Bolt none
Stone Torch Poison Blow Prismatic Missile none
Shadow Servant Dark Savior Mystic Cross none
Dark Savior Shadow Servant Sacred Javelin none
Mystic Cross Sacred Javelin Shadow Servant none
Sacred Javelin Mystic Cross Dark Savior none
Bark of the Dryad none Dimension Slip none
Golden Egg Bracelet of Zoe none none
Sap Power Sap Guard none none
Normalize Heal none none
Sap Guard Dampen Magic none none
Heal Normalize none none
Invoke Feather Shield Critical none none
Teachings of Asa Lapis Lazuli none none
Strike Edge Scarlet Edge none none
Scarlet Edge none none Charge
Holy Grail Bracelet of Zoe none none
Charge Strike Edge none none
Orihalcon none Creation Jewel Gram
Dark none none Reverie
Reverie none none Dark
Tear of the Cosmos none none Holy Water of Mithra
Concentration none none Mental Reaction
Mental Reaction none none Magic Pow
Magic Pow Hit none none
Hit Magic Pow none none
Dampen Magic Sap Power none none
Shield Critical Invoke Feather none none
Reflect Sorcery Dampen Magic none none
Broken Blade Broad Sword Bastard Sword Glare Guard
Broken Bow Long Bow Rapid Bow Cranequin-Crossbow
Broken Armor Chainmail Breastplate Glare Sword
Unicorn Horn none none Unicorn's Horn
Steal Magic none none Stun Magic
False Arrow none none Darkness Arrow
Stun Magic none none Steal Magic
Attack Pow Defend none none
Defend Attack Pow none none
Darkness Arrow none none False Arrow
Basilisk Scale Union Plume Union Plume Union Plume
Book of Everlasting Life none Lapis Lazuli Icicle Sword
Resist Magic none none Noise Arrow
Shadow Crystal Flare Crystal Flare Crystal Flare Crystal
Holy Crystal Shadow Crystal Shadow Crystal Shadow Crystal
Poison Crystal Holy Crystal Holy Crystal Holy Crystal
Thunder Crystal Poison Crystal Poison Crystal Poison Crystal
Ice Crystal Thunder Crystal Thunder Crystal Thunder Crystal
Flare Crystal Ice Crystal Ice Crystal Ice Crystal
Shadow Gem Flare Gem Flare Gem Shadow Crystal
Holy Gem Shadow Gem Shadow Gem Holy Crystal
Poison Gem Holy Gem Holy Gem Poison Crystal
Thunder Gem Poison Gem Poison Gem Thunder Crystal
Ice Gem Thunder Gem Thunder Gem Ice Crystal
Flare Gem Ice Gem Ice Gem Flare Crystal
Sage Banish Prime Elixir Noble Banish
Holy Relic none Quartz Gem Icicle Sword
Bewitching Statue Gem of Activity False Arrow Unicorn Horn
Gargoyle Statue Angel Curio Angel Curio Angel Curio
Fairy Bottle none Orihalcon Gem of Illusion
Beast's Fangs Holy Crystal Holy Crystal none
Holy Water Lapis Lazuli Blaze Guard none
Manual of Resurrection none Orihalcon none
Spell Reinforce Reflect Sorcery none none
Guard Reinforce Spell Reinforce none none
Avoid Guts none none
Slanting Rain Combo Counter none none
Wait Reaction Trick Step none none
Trick Step Noise Arrow none none
Combo Counter Slanting Rain none none
Splash Throw none none
Dancing Sword Adept Illusion none none
Adept Illusion Dancing Sword none none
Guts Avoid none none
Cure Condition Auto Item none none
Throw Splash none none
Auto Item Cure Condition none none
Incense Burner of Darlis Mirror of Pleiades none none
Mirage Robe Bracelet of Zoe none none
Mirror of Pleiades Incense Burner of Darlis none none

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