• Sijfer

    ◎ Dungeons

    June 24, 2017 by Sijfer

    Combat Experience Points acquired per Dungeon from Valkyrie Profile.

    Dungeon Name Easy Normal Hard
    Artolian Mountain Ruins 8865 (Normal Enemies)

    4800 (Boss)

    4604 (Boss: ????)
    Solde Catacombs
    6034 (Boss: ????)
    Nethov Swamp
    20510 (Boss: 4200)
    Salerno Academy
    15981 (Boss: 7000)
    Oddrock Caves

    (inside Camille Village)

    25522 (Boss: 9100)
    Clockwork Mansion
    11970 (Boss: 12600)
    Brahms Castle
    20440 (Boss: 700 [supposedly])
    Tower of Lezard Valeth
    173950 (Boss: 31500 [supposedly])
    Cave of Thackus
    50029 (Boss: 18060)
    Dark Tower of Xervah
    45416 (Boss: 28000)
    Arkdain Ruins
    47460 (Combat Experience)
    7280 (Puzzle, repeatable)
    11760 (Trap Chests)
    42000 (Boss)
    Citadel of Flame
    61362 (Combat Experience)

    31500 (Boss)

    Sunken Shrine
    270620 (Combat Experience)


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  • Sijfer

    ◎ Transmutate

    June 20, 2017 by Sijfer
    currently in progress

    Transmutate is an item-conversion system available in Valkyrie Profile. It requires 5 MPs. Some transmuted items are irreversible, but some can be re-transmuted back to its original. Several items can also be, or can only be, transmuted differently. Normal Transmutations are the basic transmutation method available in the game. Once the player acquires the Creation Gem Possession Item, the player can do Gem Transmutations, which can Transmutate an Orihalcon to a Creation Jewel which is necessary to do a Jewel Transmutation. You can only equip either Creation Gem or Creation Jewel at a time, equipping both at the same time only activates the Jewel Transmutation and doesn't do anything else.

    Item Normal Transmutation Gem Tran…
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