Turgen VP2

Alicia in the Turgen Mine

A mountain that man once mined for precious ore. The water vein-powered rig is all that moves now.

The Turgen Mine is an optional dungeon in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, situated in Southwestern Midgard. It is a sidequest location in Chapter 3 and 4. This abandoned mine is infested with insects.


The relic bow is situated one screen to the left from the save point, up on a small ledge.


  • Prism Gem
  • Dwarf Tincture
  • Elixir (freezing gas trap)
  • Crystal Chainmail (confusion gas trap)
  • Key to the Mines
  • 5,000 OTH
  • Honeysuckle Dew
  • Anointed Cloak (explosion trap)
  • Dwarf Tincture
  • Overdrive
  • Prime Elixir (poison gas trap)
  • 15,000 OTH



Chapter 3Edit

  • Lizard Lord (Scaled)
  • Valkyrie Profile 2 「Queen Wasp Boss」 1080p-004:01

    Valkyrie Profile 2 「Queen Wasp Boss」 1080p-0

    Wasp Nest (Insect, Ghost)
  • Giant Snail (Giant)
  • Clay Man (Giant, Plant, Unholy)
  • Queen Wasp (Giant, Insect) and Wasp Nest (Insect, Ghost) x2 - BOSS

Chapter 4Edit

  • Gigantic Wasp (Giant, Insect) and Meteoric Swarm (Insect, Ghost) x2 - BOSS


  • This dungeon can be unlocked by talking to the men in the tavern in Villnore in Chapter 3 and to their leader on the second screen of the town in Chapter 4. Return to him for a reward upon clearing the dungeon. You must clear the dungeon in Chapter 3 to be able to access it in Chapter 4.
  • Defeating the Gigantic Wasp will yield a Rose Sealpouch, which allows you to carry four Sealstones instead of three.
  • Psoron and Farant will appear at the entrance of the Turgen Mine when released.

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