Transvestal Law is the name of a neutral sealstone in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It is located in the Seraphic Gate.

Cost to restore: 150 crystals
Location: Shell (2nd floor)
Effect: Reverses the gender of the opponent.

This sealstone can be extremely useful on a dais if you have a character equipped with the White Loincloth. Most enemies in the game are considered male, and the first three bosses of the Seraphic Gate are also male; this sealstone will make them register as female and therefore dramatically increase the damage a character with a White Loincloth can deal to them. There is no advantage to carrying it, but restoring it is a good idea, despite the fact that it might not see much use outside the Gate, as it is very cheap and will increase the dungeon's withdrawal limit.


The last two bosses of the Seraphic Gate are female. It is therefore necessary to remove this sealstone or replace it before fighting them, as its effect would be detrimental against them.

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