Traits are a gameplay element of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. They are used to determine the Hero Value of a character. Only Einherjar posses traits as they are an evaulation of characteristics desired by the Aesir. As a result a trait like 'romantic' that may be viewed as positive is actually a negative trait to the Aesir.

Traits can be added by equipping certain possessions. Certain traits are also requested by Freya during a Sacred Phase. An Einherjar possessing the correct traits will be granted a higher rank upon transfer to Valhalla.

Positive TraitsEdit

Trait Value per point Characters
Altrusitic +4 Belenus, Llewelyn, Lyseria, Lucian
Articulate +6 Gandar
Aware +6 Suo
Beautiful +3 Lawfer, Jun, Lezard Valeth
Beauty +3 Lyseria, Shiho
Brave +9 Arngrim, Janus, Grey, Jayle, Suo
Confident +7 Aelia
Cute +2 Jelanda, Nanami
Devoted +6 Lorenta
Drinker +1 Aelia, Badrach
Elegant +2 Belenus, Lyseria, Lorenta, Shiho, Suo
Empathetic +2 Lawfer, Lucian
Focused +3 Kashell, Lyseria, Grey, Lucian
Giving +6 Lorenta
Graceful +1 Nanami, Shiho
Healthy +3 Aelia
Loves Dad +1 Jelanda, Janus, Yumei
Loves Mom +1 Janus
Loves Sis +1 Jun
Maternal +7 Lorenta, Shiho
Moralistic +3 Lawfer, Jayle
Never lost +5 Yumei
Nimble +5 Arngrim, Yumei, Jun, Badrach, Lucian
Perceptive +8 Badrach
Optimistic +4 Jelanda, Kashell
Precise +2 Lawfer, Belenus, Jayle, Suo
Prudent +2 Belenus, Gandar
Realist +1 Arngrim, Jun
Reckless +2 Arngrim, Aelia
Robust +3 Yumei
Sacrificing +7 Lawfer, Belenus, Janus, Nanami, Jun, Lyseria, Grey, Suo
Serious +7 Llewelyn, Nanami, Lucian
Stout +6 Jelanda
Swimmer +5 Yumei
Tenacious +8 Kashell
Voluptuous +2 Mystina
Wise +4 Lorenta, Mystina, Gandar, Lezard Valeth

Negative TraitsEdit

Trait Value per point Characters
Blind -9 Shiho
Can't swim -5 Llewelyn, Lorenta
Coolheaded -9 Arngrim, Jun, Gandar
Covetous -9 Gandar, Lezard Valeth
Cowardly -8 Llewelyn, Nanami
Dense -4 Lezard Valeth
Distracted -1 Mystina
Emotional -4 Kashell, Yumei, Jayle
Egotistical -7 Mystina, Gandar, Lezard Valeth
Flashy -1 Mystina
Flirty -2 Yumei
Foolhardy -2 Jelanda, Aelia
Fragile -5 Nanami, Yumei
Frivolous -7 Badrach
Hates men -4 Aelia
Lawless -5 Badrach
Lecherous -1 Badrach
Modest -1 Lawfer, Lyseria
Naivete -3 Jelanda
Narcissistic -1 Mystina, Lezard Valeth
Nondrinker -1 Kashell, Shiho, Jayle
Obtuse -3 Kashell
Outgoing -2 Kashell
Pessimist -8 Lyseria
Prideful -2 Aelia, Grey, Mystina, Jayle
Reserved -1 Janus
Romantic -2 Belenus, Llewelyn
Selfish -6 Arngrim, Gandar
Shallow -2 Jelanda
Sickly -5 Shiho
Snobbish -3 Jelanda, Mystina
Stubborn -1 Belenus, Aelia
Tonguetied -3 Janus, Grey
Unlucky -7 Llewelyn, Janus, Badrach, Suo, Lucian
Weakwilled -8 Badrach
Withdrawn -4 Lyseria
Worrier -8 Lawfer, Llewelyn, Jun, Lorenta
Yearning -7 Grey, Shiho

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