Burial ground of the ancient kings of Amenti. As a result of a magic pact, made during his lifetime, one of the kings has risen from his grave as a powerful undead creature. The soul of this poor, cursed creature must be liberated and laid to rest.

Tombs of Amenti

Lenneth in the Tombs of Amenti

The Tombs of Amenti are a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated in Southern Midgard. This large, labyrinthine crypt is designed like an Ancient Egyptian tomb and contains numerous traps as well as the angry spirit of one of the last kings of the Amenti dynasty, Akhetamen. The dungeon is only available on Hard mode, from Chapter 7 onwards. Several of the treasure chests are located above doors.


It is not known how long ago the Amenti dynasty existed, but Akhetamen himself suggests that it has known many destructive wars. In 346 C.C., Lwyn, a member of the treasure hunting band Truth, disappeared while exploring the Tombs, suggesting that Akhetamen's spirit may have already been haunting the premises back then.

Lenneth explores the ruins, seeking to lay Akhetamen's spirit to rest. She finally chances upon his coffin and unlocks it with the help of two gems she located during her explorations. Akhetamen says that he wants to restore his kingdom to its past glory. He claims that he can elevate his people to paradise and says that he can hear their voices chanting his praises. Lenneth points out that those are the screams of tormented souls and proceeds to defeat him.


  • Eye of Heaven (enemy trap)
  • Flame Jewel (enemy trap)
  • Base Metal
  • Darkness Arrow (explosion trap)
  • Mithril Plate
  • Stone Check (explosion trap)
  • Resist Magic (poison arrow trap)
  • Ruin's Fate (arrow trap)
  • Iron Ore
  • Mystic Cross
  • Mithril Ore
  • Lucerne Hammer
  • Unicorn Horn (enemy trap)
  • Wassail-Rapier
  • Invoke Feather (explosion trap)
  • Reflect Sorcery (confusion gas trap)
  • Raven Slayer (confusion gas trap)
  • Flame Jewel (arrow trap)
  • Guard Reinforce (enemy trap)
  • Basilisk Scale
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Raven Slayer (enemy trap)
  • Ether Scepter (explosion trap)
  • Ambrosia (artifact)
  • Ruby Music Box (artifact)
  • Bracelet of Basilisk (artifact)
  • Mask of the Dead King (artifact)
  • Richebourg (artifact)


  • Undead Slave
  • Lizardman
  • Dullahan
  • Basilisk
  • Stealer Robin
  • Wise Sorcerer
  • Ram Guardian
  • Akhetamen and Undead Slave x2 - BOSS


  • This dungeon may require some complex crystal platforming.
  • Entering the room which contains Akhetamen's sarcophagus requires Lenneth to solve a riddle, which is identical to the riddle asked by the Sphinx in Greek mythology: "What animal walks on 4 legs in the morning, 2 in the afternoon, and 3 in the evening?" [1] However, the game makes the riddle trivial by offering three answer choices that are essentially equivalent.
  • Certain rooms of the dungeon contain floating statue heads which will send Lenneth to a secluded room if she comes into contact with them. They can be easily avoided by using a Dimension Slip.
  • Amenti may derive from the Latin word amentia, which appropriately means "madness" [2].

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