Valkyrie profile Tilte

Tilte is Wylfred and Ancel's childhood friend who played with them when they were children in Tourque, a village in Crell Monferaigne. It is revealed within the story that Ancel's feelings toward her are of a romantic nature. When Wylfred and Ancel seek out Auwellyn Keep for mercenary work, Tilte remains in Tourque and takes care of Margot, Wylfred's mother.

During the game, Wylfred makes occasional journeys to see his sick mother, and when he meets Tilte and she ask him where Ancel is, he lies to Tilte about Ancel's death, saying that he is somewhere else and that he is occupied. Only in the A-ending Wylfred finally admits to Tilte that Ancel is dead. Then Wylfred repairs the music box and allows it to play for the first time in 7 years. Hearing the music gives Margot the strength to regain her sanity, and she resolves to live in the present with her son. Tilte, Wylfred and his mother live happily in Tourque for years to come. Wylfred promises to travel again one day, and Tilte promises that she and Margot will always be there to welcome him back home.



Tilte expressions

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