Japanese: トール


Gender: Male
Age: Unknown(VP1)

27(Valkyrie Anatomia:The Origin)

Title: God of Thunder
Class: Warrior
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Bust/Waist/Hip: Unknown
Homeland Valhalla
Appears in: Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume

Voice Actors 20px-Japanese Hiroki Touchi

Kenjirou Tsuda(Valkyrie Anatomia)
20px-English Jamieson Price


Not much is known about Thor's personality other than he is depicted as proud and strong Aesir warrior. It is unknown if he shares bigotry like his fellow Aesir. He has been known to show respect for Einherjar by complimenting them on their feats.


Despite using a hammer, Thor is a member of the Warrior class which gives him an attack range of one and a movement range of three (including diagonals).

During his second counter, he gains the skills First Aid and Magic Mail.

Attacks                                             Edit

  • Unnamed Attack 1
Hits 2
  • Unnamed Attack 2
Hits 3
  • Unnamed Attack 3
Hits 4

Soul CrushEdit

  • Hammer of Thor
Hits: 3


  • Lightning: 100%
  • Holy: 70%


  • Poison: 50%
  • Paralyze: 90%
  • Stone: 70%
  • Silence: 0%
  • Curse: 100%
  • Freeze: 50%
  • Stun: 100%
  • Faint: 100%
  • Doom: 90%

Valkyrie Anatomia:The Origin Edit

Thor is a playable character in this game.He uses a bow and his class is Deity.


  • Blitz Schiessen
  • Drei Strahl
  • Donner Stern
  • Blitz Schiessen
  • Drei Strahl
  • Purification Skill : Arc Lightning


Valkyrie ProfileEdit

Thor will occasionally make an appearance to converse with Einherjar during the Sacred Phrase.

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeEdit

Thor can be challenged during the 3rd completion of the Seraphic Gate on the eight-ninth floor stairway . He can then be challenged again during the 10th completion where he is found on ninth-tenth floor stairway along with fellow Aesir Eir, Tyr, Vidar, and Ull.

Gallery Edit


  • Thor shares the same voice actor as Arngrim and Ushio - Hiroki Touchi.

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