A shrine on the lakeshore in the Villnore region. Foul fumes from rotting meat permeate the shrine while spray from an artificial pool saturates everything nearby. On the far side of that pool, there must surely be some powerful undead force at work.

Sunken Shrine

Lenneth in the Sunken Shrine

The Sunken Shrine is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated along the western coast of Midgard near Villnore. The structure is mostly submerged, but a complex series of mechanisms allows certain rooms to be temporarily drained. A Wraith haunts the premises. The dungeon is only available on Hard mode, from Chapter 6 onwards. Most enemies here are weak to poison.


The Shrine's geographical location suggests that it used to be Audoula Temple on the Lake. Some 700 years in the past, the Temple served as a temporary resting place for the Dragon Orb, as the tribe in charge of protecting it moved it from shrine to shrine before laying it to rest in the Palace of the Venerated Dragon. Later, the Temple served as a religious centre for the Arkdain Kingdom. Khanon, a powerful sorcerer and cult leader, manipulated the king and rose to power, attempting to be anointed as a pope at the Temple in 581 C.C. However, he was assassinated during the ceremony by Ehrde, one of the generals of the Rosetta Dynasty. In 658 C.C., the Temple was the stage of a battle between Arkdain and Villnore. Kraad, the founder of Villnore, ended up destroying the building, along with one of Arkdain's most famous military leaders, Tyrith. Since then, the Temple has stood in ruins, although it is unclear how it became completely submerged.


  • Eye of Heaven (confusion gas trap)
  • Sacred Javelin (confusion gas trap)
  • Dark (explosion trap)
  • Angel Curio (confusion gas trap)
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Prismatic Missile
  • Ruin's Fate
  • Footman's Axe
  • Charge (explosion trap)
  • Flame Jewel (confusion gas trap)
  • Reflect Armor (artifact)
  • Slashing Sword "Farewell" (artifact)
  • Tear of the Cosmos (artifact)


  • Giant Squid
  • Red Lobster
  • Bream Giant
  • Roper
  • Inferior Eye
  • Gill-Man
  • Wraith - BOSS


  • The rooms which contain the activation mechanisms to drain the dungeon may become completely submerged, depending on where the water is directed. It is therefore possible that they were designed as traps: a human would not be able to survive the process. Lenneth's status as a goddesss allows her to bypass this problem.
  • In Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, it is stated that Audoula Temple on the Lake was destroyed by a tsunami. However, it is not explained whether this was caused by Kraad or whether it happened later.
  • The in-game description of the dungeon states that an artificial pool is situated at its entrance. This could indicate that the lake itself was artificially created when the Temple was built.

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