Sukavia Gorge1

The Sukavia Gorge

A path to the Solde/Crell Monferaigne region.

Sukavia Gorge is a location in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, situated near Crell Monferaigne. This snowy, mountainous trail serves as a connecting area between the East and North of Midgard, and is an obligatory passage to and from these two areas until you buy the Map of the East and North Lands.


The relic staff is located in plain sight on the last screen when entering from the Crell Monferaigne region (first screen when entering from the Solde region).


  • Winter Wolf (Beast)
  • Ice Devil (Demon)
  • Ice Troll (Giant)


Khanon will appear at the top of the hill on the second screen of Sukavia Gorge when released.

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