Stone-Hurler Wrath is the name of a negative sealstone in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It is located in the Palace of the Venerated Dragon.

Cost to restore: 2,500 crystals
Location: Shell
Effect: The user moves very slowly in battle, but ranged attacks deal double (x2) damage.

This sealstone may be very interesting to carry for a party of Archers (Light Warrior projectile attacks also qualify), provided you know how to manage your AP if you ever need to move away from an enemy, because dashing is the only means to effectively do so. If set on a dais - and provided none of the enemies have ranged attacks - it may make it easier to navigate a battlefield, but holding it is still the best use you can put it to. It is relatively expensive, so if you are not planning on specializing in ranged attacks, you do not need to restore it. However, it is probably the best of the three options (the others are Wrath of Forcefulness and Wrath of Bread Alone) to solve a puzzle in the dungeon which requires you to hold a certain sealstone to open a passage sealed by a glyph. This sealstone is referred to in the instructions to the puzzle as "slingshot", since it affects ranged attacks.


  • The word "wrath" designates this sealstone as negative, but it behaves more like a neutral one (the ones with "law" in their name), in that it involves a tradeoff: both a beneficial and a detrimental effect. In this case, it may be classified as negative because the detrimental effect can be considered to outweigh the beneficial one. Wrath of Forcefulness and Wrath of Bread Alone share this naming peculiarity.
  • Stone-Hurler Wrath, Wrath of Forcefulness and Wrath of Bread Alone are also the only negative sealstones that benefit the enemies by being set on a dais, even though the benefit is less clear-cut in this case than with the other two sealstones.

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