A spring in Chateau Obsession

A spring is a geological formation allowing sealstones to be restored to Yggdrasil's roots in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It can only be found in dungeons.


Springs appear as tall clusters of sharp rocks situated over holes in the ground with what appears to be glowing smoke emanating from them. Sealstones are masses of energy formed out of sap from Yggdrasil's roots and are thus part of its world-sustaining power. As such, they cannot be discarded or destroyed, but they can be restored to its roots via springs and retrieved again by the same means, all the while maintaining their properties. Sealstones cannot be physically transported out of the dungeons they are first found in: their power is too strong for the carrier to sustain for long. However, as all springs are interconnected via Yggdrasil's roots, restored sealstones can be retrieved in any dungeon, thus allowing the party to use them freely. Judiciously restoring sealstones can therefore grant a significant edge in combat.

Springs are symbolized on dungeon maps by a circle resting on a curved line (the same symbol as a dais), but with an additional circle around its base.

Location and mechanicsEdit

Springs are introduced in Chapter 3, at the same time as sealstones. There is at least one spring in every dungeon. Exceptions are the Lost Forest and the Royal Underground Path, which are first introduced in Chapter 1, before sealstones. Dipan does have a spring, albeit in an area which only becomes accessible in Chapter 4.

When the party first visits a dungeon, there will be a withdrawal limit on its springs, meaning that you will only be able to retrieve a certain amount of sealstones from it. However, this withdrawal limit can be raised by restoring some of that dungeon's own sealstones.


Shells appear to be miniature versions of springs, both visually and functionally. Shells neutralize a sealstone's power - which is, essentially, also what springs do - all the while preserving its physical shape.

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