Sphere Strike is the name of Badrach's Purify Weird Soul attack in Valkyrie Profile. He can use it during a Purify Weird Soul sequence, provided he participated in the combo that triggered it.

Hits: 1
Multipliers: 3.75 x 1
Charge time: 2
Increase to gauge: 30
Direction: N/A (cannot miss)
Battle quote: "Yer dead, pal! Deathblow: Sphere Strike!"
Sphere Strike
Valkyrie Profile finishing move Sphere Strike (Badrach)

Valkyrie Profile finishing move Sphere Strike (Badrach)

Sphere Strike is the third weakest PWS in the game (before Flashing Blade and Icicle Disaster). It is a single-hitting attack and adds very little energy to the gauge, so it is best used first in a PWS chain. It could theoretically be used as a fourth PWS to maximize its damage, but almost any other PWS would be more effective in that position.


  • Badrach is the only character to say "deathblow" to introduce his PWS; most other Einherjar say "finishing strike".
  • Sphere Strike was censored in the English version of the game. In the Japanese version, Badrach smoked, and Sphere Strike involved him dropping ash from his cigarette around the enemy, then setting it on fire by throwing the stub. The smoking was edited from the English version: Badrach appears to drop gunpowder around the enemy instead, then ignites it with his gun.