Soul Evocation is the name of the generic Heavy Warrior Soul Crush in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. Any of the 10 Heavy Warrior Einherjar can use it during a Soul Crush sequence, provided his equipped weapon allows it and he participated in the combo that triggered it.

Hits: 4
Increase to gauge: 35
Used by: Aaron, Adonis, Dyn, Ehlen, Falx, Kraad, Gerald, Guilm, Roland, Zunde
Battle quotes: "I'm gonna put everything into this! Finishing strike: Soul Evocation!" (Aaron, Dyn, Zunde)
"You'll pay with your life! Finishing strike: Soul Evocation!" (Adonis, Falx)
"Follow the path to destruction! Finishing strike: Soul Evocation!" (Ehlen, Gerald, Guilm)
"Your future is no more! Finishing strike: Soul Evocation!" (Kraad, Roland)
Soul Evocation (used by Zunde)

Soul Evocation adds little energy to the gauge and is thus best used either first or last (to maximize its damage) in a Soul Crush sequence.

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