Soul Crushes of Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume are powerful attacks which can only be launched by certain weapons after the Attack Gauge reaches 100. Soul Crushes were first presented in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria and are the successors to the Purify Weird Soul of Valkyrie Profile.

This article lists the Soul Crushes by character order.

Soul CrushEdit

Soul Crushes are used by members of the Swordman, Warrior, Archer, Lancer, Rogue, Samurai, Pugilist, and Unique classes.

Grim VengeanceEdit

Japanese: ヴェンジェンス・エッジ
Romanized: Vengeance Edge
Description: Pounces quickly upon foe, mounting slash upon slash before raining down vicious revenge.
Hits: 16
Attack Gauge Boost: 3 x 16hit
Used By: Wylfred

Sonic BurstEdit

Japanese: ソニック・バースト
Romanized: Sonic Burst
Description: Drives the blade inward with staggering force, leaving resounding pain in its wake.
Hits: 20
Attack Gauge Boost: 3 x 20hit
Used By: Ancel

Beaming BarrageEdit

Japanese: シャイニー・スラッグ
Romanized: Shiny Slug
Description: Focuses energy into a blast that launches a blinding flurry of countless arrows.
Hits: 20
Attack Gauge Boost: (2 x 14hit) + (3 x 5hit)
Used By: Cheripha

Icy GraveEdit

Japanese: アイシクル・グレイヴ
Romanized: Icicle Grave
Description: Buries its prey in a coffin of frost before rapid strikes carve the shards asunder.
Hits: 18
Attack Gauge Boost: 3 x 18hit
Used By: Darius

Reign of TerrorEdit

Japanese: ティラニカル・ブレイド
Romanized: Tyrannical Blade
Description: Flings the enemy skyward to ponder the cruel end that waits below.
Hits: 12
Attack Gauge Boost: (3 x 8hit) + (6 x 4hit)
Used By: Gwendal

Righteous RushEdit

Japanese: ライトネス・ブロウ
Romanized: Rightness Blow
Description: Charges gallantly forth in the name of justice, impaling all who oppose.
Hits: 7
Attack Gauge Boost: 16 + (4 x 5hit) + 12
Used By: Earnest

Catastrophic RainEdit

Japanese: カラミティ・レイン
Romanized: Calamity Rain
Description: Cuts and kicks foe into a storm of blades that gride and gore its body entire.
Hits: 25
Attack Gauge Boost: 2 x 25hit
Used By: Natalia

Heartless FlameEdit

Japanese: イノセント・フレイム
Romanized: Innocent Flame
Description: Hurtles forward, igniting an all-consuming fireball that burns without regard for life.
Hits: 13
Attack Gauge Boost: (3 x 12hit) + 8
Used By: Mireille

Ruthless FrostEdit

Japanese: イノセント・フラッド
Romanized: Innocent Flood
Description: Delivers blow after crushing with the cold of a soul that knows not right from wrong.
Hits: 11
Attack Gauge Boost: 8 + (3 x 7hit) + (4 x 3Hit)
Used By: Mischka

Grand ThrustEdit

Japanese: グランド・スピア
Romanized: Grand Spear
Description: Wages an onslaught of boot and spear, sealed with a lunge that projects shearing winds.
Hits: 16
Attack Gauge Boost: (3 x 12hit) + (4 x 4hit)
Used By: Heugoe

Land's LamentEdit

Japanese: ウェイリング・クラッド
Romanized: Wailing Clad
Description: Plants a spear of fury firmly into the soil that swallows the enemy in trembling earth.
Hits: 3
Attack Gauge Boost: 16 x 3hit
Used By: Duwain

Giant SlayerEdit

Japanese: 鬼切りの太刀
Romanized: Onikirino Tachi
Description: Unsheathes with a passing blow and spirals upward on flashes of steel.
Hits: 10
Attack Gauge Boost: (3 x 9hit) + 18
Used By: Ushio

Divine ArrowEdit

Japanese: ディヴァイン・アロー
Romanized: Divine Arrow
Description: Looses and arrow height into the heavens, wherefrom the gods cast it down at blistering speed.
Hits: 3
Attack Gauge Boost: 16 x 3hit
Used By: Valmur

Crimson GraceEdit

Japanese: クリムゾン・グレイス
Romanized: Crimson Grace
Description: Dances, blade in hand, crossing and doubling until there blooms a flower of blood.
Hits: 13
Attack Gauge Boost: (4 x 8hit) + (3 x 5hit)
Used By: Phiona

Danse MacabreEdit

Japanese: ベリアル・ワルツ
Romanized: Berial Waltz
Description: Launches a volley of magical bolts that lift and twirl their unwilling partner about.
Hits: 9
Attack Gauge Boost: 12 + (4 x 7hit) + 16
Used By: Reinhilde

Hundred HandsEdit

Japanese: 閃功魔装頂膝破
Romanized: Senkou Masou Chou Shippa
Description: Channels mind and spirit through the fingers to inflict pain at the enemy's very core.
Hits: 16
Attack Gauge Boost: (3 x 10hit) + (4 x 3hit) + (3 x 3hit)
Used By: Auguste

Noble CrusadeEdit

Japanese: ノーブル・ズィーガー
Romanized: Noble Sieger
Description: Slashes boldly at the enemy's heart before swooping down for the coup de grace.
Hits: 13
Attack Gauge Boost: (5 x 4hit) + (3 x 9hit)
Used By: Kristoff

Ferocious FangsEdit

Japanese: ライオット・ファング
Romanized: Riot Fang
Description: Hacks away at a foe's limbs, then rips into its flesh faster than the eye can see.
Hits: 25
Attack Gauge Boost: (3 x 5hit) + (2 x 21hit) + 3
Used By: Roienbourg

Shadow StormEdit

Japanese: シュヴァルツ・ブリッツェン
Romanized: Schwarz Blitzen (Black Flash)
Description: Aren't a maiden's secrets best kept that way, Master?
Hits: 30
Attack Gauge Boost: 2 x 30hit
Used By: Ailyth

Nibelung ValestiEdit

Japanese: ニーベルン・ヴァレスティ
Romanized: Nibelung Valesti
Description: Binds its victim still to receive the sacred lance hurled from on high.
Hits: 10
Attack Gauge Boost: 5 x 10hit
Used By: Lenneth and Hrist

Ether StrikeEdit

Japanese: エーテルストライク
Romanized: Ether Strike
Description: Discharges a concentrated ball of pure either down upon its helpless victim.
Hits: 1
Attack Gauge Boost: 50
Used By: Freya

Final BlastEdit

Japanese: ファイナリティブラスト
Romanized: Finality Blast
Description: Strikes fear into the heart of its prey before incinerating it in flames of fury.
Hits: 20
Attack Gauge Boost: 3 x 20hit
Used By: Arngrim

Great MagicEdit

Great Magic are Soul Crushes used by members of the Sorcerer class, Lockswell, Rosea, Lieselotte, Fauxnel, and Langrey. There are 6 Great Magicks in total and are dependent on their current Set Magic.

Ifrit CaressEdit

Japanese: イフリートキャレス
Romanized: Ifrit Caress
Description: Divine incarnation of Fire Storm that envelops its prey in a heated brimstone embrace.
Incantation: "I invoke the rights of fiery Muspelheim and give my soul up to the inferno's embrace! Ifrit Caress!"
Hits: 9
Attack Gauge Boost: (2 x 3hit) + (4 x 6hit)
Derivative Spell: Fire Storm

Tidal WaveEdit

Japanese: タイダルウェイブ
Romanized: Tidal Wave
Description: Sublime form of Frigid Damsel that drowns foes beneath the sea-serpent's rage.
'In'cantation: "Awaken the ancient Eden song that speaks of empty sky. Now harken thee, the pitless voice of the ocean's lord! Tidal Wave! 
Hits: 6
Attack Gauge Boost: 6 x 6hit
Derivative Spell: Frigid Damsel

Gravity BlessingEdit

Japanese: プリシードグラビティ
Romanized: Precede Gravity
Description: Empyreal embodiment of Lightning Bolt that crushes enemies in an atmospheric void.
Incantation: "Hark! Lightning that ride within the ashen depths! Decend down as a storm upon my foes! Gravity Blessing!"
Hits: 15
Attack Gauge Boost: 2 x 15hit
Derivative Spell: Lightning Bolt

Maleficent HarmEdit

Japanese: グローディハーム
Romanized: Grody Harm
Description: Virulent transmutation of Poison Blow that engulfs its victims in toxic mist.
Incantation: "In the abyss the trident of Hel dances! Gripping crimson truth lights the one true path! Maleficent Harm!"
Hits: 10
Attack Gauge Boost: 3 x 10hit
Derivative Spell: Poison Blow

Phantom DestructionEdit

Japanese: ファントムデストラクション
Romanized: Phantom Destruction
Description: Quitessence of Sacred Javelin invoking the rune before which all sins shall be punished.
Incantation: "Harken, the angel summons, the true path shall guide you! Find peace in anihilation! Phantom Destruction!"
Hits: 10
Attack Gauge Boost: (3 x 8hit) + (4 x 2hit)
Derivative Spell: Sacred Javelin

Meteor SwarmEdit

Japanese: メテオスウォーム
Romanized: Meteor Swarm
Description: Manifestation of Dark Savior that summons down an endless torrent of shooting stars.
Incantation: "No mercy for the damned! Thou hast no escape from the grasp of catastrophe! Meteor Swarm!"
Hits: 7
Attack Gauge Boost: (4 x 4hit) + (6 x 3hit)
Derivative Spell: Dark Savior

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