Solde Catacombs

Lenneth in the Solde Catacombs

Travelers who settled here were greeted only by abandoned catacombs. They placed an Ankh on the gate to calm the spirits of the dead, but it has since been removed. Perhaps the work of the undead...Surely enemies lurk deep in the catacomb's bowels.

The Solde Catacombs are a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated on the Northern coast of Midgard. This vast series of underground tombs seems to have originally been protected by guardian statues, which were then removed and replaced with honorary monuments for the dead. The dungeon is only available on Normal and Hard mode, from Chapter 1 onwards.


The Solde Catacombs are likely to be the remnants of the town of Solde, which existed on the Northern coast of Midgard a few centuries prior to the game's timeframe. Solde declined after the fall of Dipan. All its able-bodied inhabitants left, and the survivors probably built the Catacombs as a final resting place for themselves.

Lenneth visits the Catacombs because she senses undead within. They have broken the protective seal on the Catacombs' doors and removed the honorary monuments inside to restore the preexisting guardian statues, which maintain the doors to the inner chamber of the Catacombs closed. After Lenneth replaces the monuments in their designated spots, the doors to the inner chamber open, and she is able to face the undead mage within.


  • Attack Pow
  • Short Bow
  • Avoid
  • Fire Lance (explosion trap)
  • Broad Sword
  • Eye of Heaven
  • Element Scepter (explosion trap)
  • Crown of Felmar (artifact)
  • Emerald Necklace (artifact)
  • Secret of Damascus (artifact)
  • Magic Pow (explosion trap)
  • Frigid Damsel (explosion trap)


  • Lesser Vampire
  • Dragon Servant
  • Drow Shaman and Ramapithicus - BOSS

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