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Sideswiper (サイドスイングカット, Side-swing Cut) is the name of an attack used by Heavy Warrior Einherjar and Hrist in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. Hrist's multipliers differ slightly from the Einherjar.

Description: Strike from the side. Hold button to launch enemy.
Hits: 1
Multipliers: 1.05 (Einherjar)/ 1.1 (Hrist)
Increase to gauge: 12 (Einherjar)/ 9 (Hrist)
AP cost: 7 (Einherjar)/ 6 (Hrist)
Added effect: Knockback
Learned by: Aaron (lv.1), Falx (lv.1), Hrist (lv.1), Kraad (lv.1), Roland (lv.1), Ehlen (lv.8), Zunde (lv.14)

If the knockback effect is activated, subsequent attacks by other characters may miss.

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