Senko-Jin is the name of Jun's Purify Weird Soul attack in Valkyrie Profile. He can use it during a Purify Weird Soul sequence, provided he participated in the combo that triggered it.

Hits: 15
Multipliers: ~0.4 x 15
Charge time: 2
Increase to gauge: 30
Direction: N/A (cannot miss)
Battle quote: "Mugen no kensen! Blade art: Senko-Jin!"
Valkyrie Profile finishing move Senko-Jin (Jun)

Valkyrie Profile finishing move Senko-Jin (Jun)

Senko-Jin adds little energy to the gauge, but delivers a lot of hits. This makes it ideal as the first PWS in a chain, allowing all subsequent ones to deal more damage.


  • "Mugen no kensen" translates roughly as "the flash of the limitless blade".
  • Jun is the only character to say "blade art" to introduce his PWS. Most other Einherjar say "finishing strike", and Suo, the only other Samurai, says "ougi" (secret skill).