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The Sacred Phase is a gameplay element of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth that occurs at the end of each chapter. Freya communicates with Valkyrie through the Water Mirror to request certain traits needed by the Aesir, reward Valkyrie with artifacts and materialize points and update her on the status of transfered Einherjar.

Asgard War StatusEdit

Freya gives an update on the strength of the Aesir Army, Vanir Army and other forces (Undead) but ultimately this has no affect on the outcome of the game.

Einherjar StatusEdit

Freya allows Valkyrie to check up on her transfered Einherjar. It is here that several special scenes between two characters may occur, it is also here where you will learn if a transfered Einherjar has died in battle. A dead Einherjar will not rejoin the party at the end of the game.

Listed is the Einherjar's god rank, platoon, evaluation value, hero value and deeds. It appears that a Einherjar's max rank is 10. In contrast, Lenneth is a rank 6 god.

The Einherjars' deeds is the only place several Aesir appear, contains the only appears of Hel, and ultimately lets you know what's going on in Asgard.


Freya evaluation of Valkyrie's performance determines the rewards at the end of the period. The rewards are materialize points and artifacts given by Odin. Artifacts include magic spells, weapons and armor. It's possible to receive a second Gram during a performance evaluation.

Einherjar RequestEdit

Freya requests particular traits and hero value for transfered Einherjar to possess. While hero value appears to be the most important factor, possessing requested traits will lead to a higher evaluation value and a higher initial god rank. Some of the requests are impossible to meet on one single character (ex. Sorcerer and Hit).

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