Dynasty Rosetta was a state that existed south of Midgard. It is the source of the Year-Long War which involved the entire continent.


In 578 CC , a mage Rosetta Xehnon accidentalement is a divine book , the manuscript of the event that has . Under its spell , Xehnon up the ladder and convinces the king to invade the continent . In 581 CC , the country invaded Lassen and commanders Khanon kill a lord of the region to Gorlha Audoula Lake Temple and removes the wife of Lord Lassen while it was gone, Lady Celes . Celes seeing his occupied country , joins still with the enemy in their attempt to unify the continent. The invasion of Lassen triggers Year-Long War that involves the entire continent. Two camps are one is the Rosetta and Lassen occupied and the other is that of Arkdain , Paltierre , Dipan and rebel forces Lassen . The war is not only land , sea also . Rosetta commanders had to fight the Navy led by Dipan Queen Phyress were ten times their size . Shortly after the troops Paltierre and Arkdain come to invade Lassen , which greatly affablit Rosetta .

At the end of the 581 CC , a final battle takes place is that of Rosetta , which leads to failure of the power south.


Here is the original Rosetta Einherjar:                    

The mage Xehnon


Rosetta is a female Hispanic origne name. It means " Pink Flower " .


St. Rose of Lima , born in this city , in the sixteenth century , is the patroness of Latin America. Daughter of a Spanish colonist and a mestizo , Isabelle Oliva is called Rose because of his light complexion , rather unusual for a small Peruvian . She became a nun Dominican at the age of twenty years under the name of Rose- Marie . His mystical experiences did exclude the religious community that disturbed . She finally alone and misunderstood recluse in 1617.

This is strongly reminiscent of the location of Rosetta with that of Latin America that are south of their respective worlds . These experiences and Rose- Marie strongly resemble Xehnon .

It is also the name of an Egyptian city Frenchified : Rosette whereabouts of important ancient steles .

Southern continental Midgard is quite deserted , Rosetta was able to find in this area.

Complete Name:

The complete name of this state is Rosetta Dynasty . This name recalls the different Chinese dynasties occupied the imperial throne .

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