Pulverizing Storm is the name of the generic Archer Soul Crush in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. Any of the 10 Archer Einherjar can use it during a Soul Crush sequence, provided their equipped weapon allows it and they participated in the combo that triggered it.

Hits: 20
Increase to gauge: 57
Used by: Arcana, Atrasia, Chrystie, Ehrde, Lydia, Lylia, Millidia, Phyress, Sha-kon, Sophalla
Battle quotes: : "The glory shall be mine! Finishing strike: Pulverizing Storm!" (Arcana, Sophalla)
"I shall light your way to Hel! Finishing strike: Pulverizing Storm!" (Atrasia, Lydia)
"You'll pay with your life! Finishing strike: Pulverizing Storm!" (Ehrde)
"Everybody, stay back! Finishing strike: Pulverizing Storm!" (Lylia, Millidia)
"See you in the afterlife! Finishing strike: Pulverizing Storm!" (Chrystie, Phyress, Sha-kon)
Pulverizing Storm (used by Chrystie)

Pulverizing Storm deals a lot of hits and adds a fair amount of energy to the gauge. It is thus best used second in a Soul Crush chain, as it will help maximize the damage of subsequent Soul Crushes.

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