Oddrock Caves

Lenneth in the Oddrock caves

The Oddrock Caves are a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated in Camille Village. This underground vault houses a demon which has been sealed inside by an engraved stone slab and the power of the Grand Sting. It contains various traps: moving statues which temporarily freeze anyone who comes into contact with them, eyes which fire freezing beams from the ceiling at regular intervals, and sheets of slime which can only be removed by aiming one of these freezing beams at them with the help of Lenneth's crystals, then attacking them. The dungeon is only available on Normal and Hard mode, from Chapter 3 onwards.


Zunde, an adventurer and owner of the Grand Sting, disappeared in the vicinity of Camille in 776 C.C. The details of his death are unknown, but it is possible that he managed to seal the demon away inside the Oddrock Caves, only to succumb to injury. Centuries later, a little girl from the village sneaks into the ruins and somehow releases the demon, which proceeds to petrify most of the villagers and then smash each statue to prevent them from being revived. It leaves the little girl intact and plans to revive her a hundred years later, as thanks for having freed it. Kashell and Celia, who are travelling in search of Grey, hear about the situation and accept a job to help the villagers with the aid of some ointment. However, when they arrive, they are horrified by what they find. Venturing near the vault, they see that its doors are held shut by the Grand Sting. A carving on the blade of the sword states that it keeps an evil force locked away. Nevertheless, Kashell and Celia enter the ruins and find the little girl near the stone slab. Agreeing that it is better to revive her once they have left the village, to avoid unnecessary traumatism, they are about to leave when the demon manifests itself. It fatally wounds Kashell, whose dying thought is to protect the vial of ointment. This generosity allows him to be recruited by Lenneth, who secures the vial and leaves it in Celia's care.


  • Bastard Sword
  • Defend
  • Flare Baselard (arrow trap)
  • War Hammer (arrow trap)
  • Trick Step (arrow trap)
  • Eye of Heaven (arrow trap)
  • Sap Guard (arrow trap)
  • Dragon Slayer (poison arrow trap)
  • Golden Fowl (artifact)
  • Grand Sting (artifact)


  • Lesser Vampire (Type 1)
  • Lesser Vampire (Type 2)
  • Knight Fiend
  • Necromancer
  • Drow Shaman
  • Dragon Zombie
  • Greater Demon - BOSS


Since they are located within a town, the Oddrock Caves only require one period to visit, making them an ideal levelling spot for Chapter 3.

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