Nethov Swamp

Lenneth in the Nethov Swamp

A horrible stench permeates the Nethov Swamp. Noxious fumes stream forth from the ground and call to the undead to feed on the flesh of the living. Some hidden power must be there, causing the unnatural disturbance.

The Nethov Swamp is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated in Eastern Midgard. This desolate stretch of marshland is inhabited by a Dragon Zombie. It is only available on Normal and Hard mode, from Chapter 2 onwards.


At some unspecified time, a dragon's spirit was sealed within a gemstone, and placed in a shrine in the Nethov region. Jessica, a former noblewoman who was forced to become an adventurer after her father lost his fortune, travelled in the area in 468 C.C. and found the ruins of the shrine. Not knowing the true nature of the gemstone, she inadvertently released the dragon and was killed by it. Some twenty years later, her son, Gerald, led an expedition to slay the dragon. However, the dragon's blood was poisonous, and when Gerald killed it, both him and his comrades died because of the blood spouting from its wounds. The poison also killed all living creatures in the area and turned the land into a swamp.


  • Shadow Servant (explosion trap)
  • Shadow Servant (explosion trap)
  • Holy Crystal (explosion trap)
  • Cure Condition
  • Short Spear
  • Quartz Gem
  • Daemon Slayer (explosion trap)
  • Flare Baselard (explosion trap)
  • Charge
  • Holy Crystal (explosion trap)
  • Wait Reaction
  • Eye of Heaven
  • Element Scepter (explosion trap)
  • Bark of the Dryad (artifact)
  • Inscribed Fragment (artifact)


  • Figment (Type 1)
  • Vermin
  • Pongo Robustus
  • Mantrap Plant
  • Dragon Zombie - BOSS


  • The Dragon Zombie is probably the same dragon that killed Jessica and Gerald.
  • Due to their geographical location, it is very likely that the ruins in which the gemstone housing the dragon's spirit was located were the Crawsus Forest Ruins, which later deteriorated to become the Nethov Swamp as it appears in this game.

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