Valkyrie profile Margot

Margot is Thyodor's wife and Wylfred and Elsie mother, who live a paceful life in Tourque, a little village in Crell Monferaigne. One day, a messenger arrives. Thyodor has fallen in battle, but has been taken as an Einherjar evidenced by the Valkyrie's plume left on his corpse. The messenger gives the feather to Wylfred, praising his father's exploits. Unfortunately, this leaves the family impoverished. Margot cannot find work, and Elsie soon dies of starvation. Margot curses the Valkyrie as a Death Goddess, bars her son from ever fighting, and then goes mad from grief. Caught in the delusion that she is living in the time before Wylfred's birth, she mistakes her son for Thyodor. Wylfred, left alone, takes up his mother's hatred and vows vengeance on the reaper of his father's soul. When Wylfred, now 17, with Ancel seeks out Auwellyn Keep for mercenary work, he leaves Margot with Tilte, a childhood friend of Wylfred and Ancel. During the game Wylfred often visit Tourque and Margot always mistaken him with Thyodor. Only in the A-ending, when Wylfred repairs the music box and allows it to play for the first time in 7 years. Hearing the music gives Margot the strength to regain her sanity, and she resolves to live in the present with her son. Tilte, Wylfred and his mother live happily in Tourque for years to come. Wylfred promises to travel again one day, and Tilte promises that she and Margot will always be there to welcome him back home.



The youngest Margot's daughter, Elsie


Margot expressions

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