Manacles Wrath is the name of a negative sealstone in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It is located in the Ancient Forest.

Cost to restore: 400 crystals
Location: Shell
Effect: User cannot block attacks.

There is no advantage to holding this sealstone, unless you are voluntarily aiming to get attacked, for some reason. It can be marginally useful when set on a dais, but there are more effective options for weakening the enemy. As it is cheap, however, it may be restored for use in the Crawsus Forest Ruins puzzle, for example. A more advanced version of this sealstone can be found in the Turgen Mine.


Manacles are equivalent to handcuffs. Since the sealstone prevents blocking, it is as though it restrains the movement of the user's arms and hands, as handcuffs would.

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