Magnus is a minor character from Valkyrie Profile. He is the court sorcerer of Crell Monferaigne and apparently a necromancer, as he has made a pact with the undead sorceress Genevieve.

Japanese: マグナス
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Homeland: Crell Monferaigne
Appears In: Valkyrie Profile
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Voice Actors: 20px-Japanese
20px-English Jimmy Zoppi


Nothing is known about Magnus' history, except that his ambitions of conquest have resulted in the deaths of the parents of Leticia, a noblewoman from Gerabellum. In order to get her revenge, she joined the Crell Monferaigne knight corps, posing as a man under the name of Jayle. Eventually, her commander, Fahn, discovered the truth, but agreed to keep her secret and to help her.

After some time spent thinning out the ranks of Magnus' supporters, Fahn decided to strike at him before a battle, as he was due to bless the troops. However, Magnus summoned Genevieve, who bewitched all the knights, knocking them unconscious, except Jayle, as she was a woman. Magnus was impressed, believing that Fahn planned this all along, while Genevieve harped on Jayle's insecurities by saying that she had been using all these men for her own ends. At that moment, sensing Genevieve's presence, Lenneth appeared and confronted her. Bested, Genevieve disappeared, but not before telling Magnus that he did not have enough power to control her. She also pointed out to Lenneth that, while they were fighting, Fahn, still bewitched but no longer unconscious, had stabbed Jayle. With Genevieve gone, the spell was broken, and a horrified Fahn watched Jayle die. Lenneth recruited her as an Einherjar, leaving Fahn to deal with Magnus, most likely killing him, although the outcome of the confrontation was not shown.


Magnus is the Latin word for "great", probably in reference to his presumed power as a sorcerer.

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