Lost Forest1

Alicia in the Lost Forest

A disturbing woodland, haunted day and night. Its hidden underground path runs beneath the sea.

The Lost Forest is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, situated in Northern Midgard near Solde. It is the first dungeon of the game and, as such, contains weak monsters and simple puzzles. It is connected to the Royal Underground Path.


The relic staff is located in the middle of a small pool on the last screen before the Royal Underground Path. Mithra is obtained during a cutscene upon entering the area.


  • 400 OTH
  • Skull Receptacle
  • Union Plume


  • Bullet Beetle (Insect)
  • Dire Wolf (Beast)
  • Skeleton (Unholy)


  • Mithra will appear in the Lost Forest when released.
  • Traversing the Lost Forest is the only means of accessing the Royal Underground Path, and, through it, Dipan.

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