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Layer Storm is the name of Llewelyn's Purify Weird Soul attack in Valkyrie Profile. He can use it during a Purify Weird Soul sequence, provided he participated in the combo that triggered it.

Hits: Varies, max. is 20
Multipliers: ~0.7 x hit
Charge time: 2
Increase to gauge: Varies, 5 x hit, max. is 100
Direction: None
Battle quote: "In the name of all the gods! Finishing strike: Layer Storm!"
[Kamina no mottou ni! Ougi! Reiya Sutomu!]
Layer Storm

Layer Storm is a unique PWS in that its number of hits and energy output depend solely on the size of the enemy: if it is large enough, Llewelyn has the potential to fill the gauge to 100 all by himself. However, it is usually safer to use it first in a PWS chain, in case only a few of the hits connect. If you are confident that the enemy is large enough, however, using it as the third PWS in a chain will maximize the damage of the fourth one.

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