Belenus and Asaka in Lassen

A merchant town in the Gerabellum region with a thriving slave trade. Troops are mustering in the city due to the threat of invasion from Villnore.

Lassen is a small town in Southwestern Midgard, located between Gerabellum and Artolia. It is featured in Valkyrie Profile and appears to have a longstanding history of hostility with Villnore.


It is unknown when Lassen was founded, but it enjoyed independence for a certain time, one of its lords notably marrying Celes, a princess of Dipan and a famous general, at some point between 576 C.C. and 581 C.C. However, in 581 C.C., the Rosetta Dynasty invaded the town, sparking the Year-Long War. A rebellion, led by Farant, countered the invasion, and although Farant himself was killed, the town was presumably liberated upon Rosetta's defeat. About 100 years later, Tyrith, the daughter of a Lassen merchant, rose to prominence as a warrior, claiming that she was descended from Celes herself. She allied herself with Arkdain to oppose the newly-created Villnore, but was eventually killed in battle in 659 C.C. However, the town seems to have maintained its independence since then.

It is also unknown when slave-trading was introduced to Lassen, but, at the time of Valkyrie Profile, it appears to be an accepted norm, as the town holds its own slave auctions.


  • Belenus can be recruited in Lassen in Chapter 1, even though he is originally from Gerabellum.
  • Badrach can be seen visiting the town during a flashback in his recruitment sequence.
  • The name of the town could be derived from the German verb lassen (to allow, to permit) [1], which could be a reference to its tolerance of slave trade.

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