A path to the Coriander/Solde region.

Kythena Plains

Alicia in the Kythena Plains

The Kythena Plains are a location from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. A stretch of coastal meadows, the Plains serve as a connecting area between the north and west of Midgard and are an obligatory passage to and from these two areas until you buy the Map of the West and North Lands.


  • Goblin (Demon)
  • Flying Fish (Scaled)
  • Living Armor (no race)
  • Dire Wolf (Beast)
  • Giant Bat (Beast)
  • Warning Jewel (Magic)


Chrystie and Sha-kon will appear on the first screen of Kythena Plains from the Solde entrance (last screen from the Coriander entrance) when released.

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