Icicle Disaster is the name of Grey's Purify Weird Soul attack in Valkyrie Profile. He can use it during a Purify Weird Soul sequence, provided he participated in the combo that triggered it.

Hits: 8
Multipliers: 0.75 x 2 + ~0.15 x 6
Charge time: 2
Increase to gauge: 58
Direction: N/A (cannot miss)
Battle quote: "I invoke the power of the glacial blade! Finishing strike: Icicle Disaster!"
Icicle Disaster

Icicle Disaster is the weakest PWS in the game. However, as it is a multi-hitting attack, it can be used as the second PWS in a chain (it does not add enough energy in third position) to allow later PWS to deal more damage.

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