The Homunculus are entities created primarily Valeth Lezard in Valkyrie Profile series. These vessels for to be a stand with a soul and a different use after the two main game.

Valkyrie Profile: LennethEdit

Lezard , a brilliant Necromancer, captures the Wood Elves in the Spirits for strange experiments. Having come across

Homunculus VP: Lenneth

Lenneth Valkyrie a few months ago , he decided to create homunculus to trap the soul of Lenneth. Using Lorenta, Lezard lured Lenneth into his tower. At the rear of the laboratory is the homunculus body resembling Lenneth in which she hastens to destroy except the last which is a little girl.

Mystina, a fellow wizard, sneaks into the tower in spectral form, and discovers the homunculus. She thinks Lezard has exceeded the limits and flew both to research on him and as a form of blackmail.

Lezard arrives in the laboratory Mystina claiming the homnculus and explains its function : Elves are the vessels of the gods , Odin is a half- elf, his deadly blood allows it to grow in power unlike other gods. The homunculus may be intended to make him a god , but his dream and imprison Lenneth .

Shortly after Lezard kills Mystina who is recruited by the valkyrie in question. In the course of the game , Lenneth finds himself deprived of his body by Hrist , and she sleeps in this temporaiement homunculus until she gets her real body. During the fight against Loki , it grows in power thanks to his stay in the homunculus and gets the power of creation.

Valkyrie Profle 2: SilmeriaEdit

The Homunculus is a minor appearance in this game after the team has climbed part of the Tour, a Homunculus Lezard and Silmeria appear. If the first is in artificial intelligence, the second is the host of the soul of Silmeria. After beating Alicia rematerializes Silmeria.


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