A wand which is said to grant unlimited magic power to its wielder.


The Holy Wand of Telos is a reoccuring item in the Valkyrie Profile series.

Valkyrie Profile LennethEdit

The Holy Wand of Telos can be obtained in a treasure chest in the Seraphic Gate, or by defeating Hamsters in the Seraphic Gate. It is the strongest wand in the game, but it does not allow the use of great magic. Most players tend to use the Wand "Mystic Sage". Although it is weaker, it does allow the character to use great magic.

Attack Attack Combo Attack Thrust Hit Thrust Element
9920 1× 2× 3× 1 50 none

Valkyrie Profile 2: SilmeriaEdit

The Holy Wand of Telos can be obtained after beating the Ethereal Queen in the Seraphic Gate. It is the most powerful staff in the game and allows the Great Magic Phantom Destruction.

Name Stats Attacks Soul Crush Attribute Effect Buy and Cost Materials Find/Drop Unique
Holy Wand of Telos1800 MAG1YESNoneGreat Magic changes to "Phantom Destruction" A holy-elemental great magic, from normal great magic.N/AN/ADefeat the Ethereal Queen. 100% drop rate upon death and 100% drop rate as leader item.Yes

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