"A sword unmatched by any other. But it is so powerful that the wielder will fall into darkness."

Gram is a powerful one-handed sword that can be found in all three Valkyrie Profile games.

Valkyrie ProfileEdit

Gram can be obtained in one of two ways : either by transmuting an Orihalcon with a Creation Jewel equipped, or receiving it from Freya during the Sacred Phase at the end of chapter 7 if the player has met her requirements well enough.

It can be equipped by Valkyrie, Light Warriors, Heavy Warriors and Samurais. It is the most powerful one-handed sword outside the Seraphic Gate, apart from the Demon Sword "Levantine" which you can only obtain near the end of the game defeating Bloodbane in ending B or A.

  • ATK : 2000
  • HIT : 270
  • Attack Trust : 44
  • Hit Trust : 92
  • Attacks : 1, 2, 3
  • Attributes : Darkness / Death

Valkyrie Profile 2Edit

A Red Slashing Rune that can only be used by Light Warriors.

Name Stats Attacks Soul Crush Attribute Effect Buy and Cost Materials Find/Drop Unique
Gram240 ATK3Yes0.1 DarknessNoneN/AN/AHall of Valhalla (Treasure)YES

Covenant of the PlumeEdit

A one-handed sword that can only be used by Light Warriors.

  • ATK : 107
  • Attacks : 3
  • Soul Crush : Yes