The Glance Reviver is a weapon that appears in every Valkyrie Profile game. It is referred to as a sword of creation. Swordsman/Light Warrior classes in the 3 games are able to equip it.

Valkyrie ProfileEdit

"Sword of the gods imbued with the power of creation."

Glance Reviver drops from Dark Valkyrie and Lezard in Seraphic Gate and is the sword Lenneth creates during the A ending to defeat Loki (She is automatically equipped with it for this battle only).

As befitting such a powerful weapon, the sword is quite frankly the best sword to equip on any character who can equip it (excluding Dainslef and Angel Slayer). The sword has innate Dark/Death element, which, when used against enemies weak to the Dark element, will deal damage equal to the enemy's maximum HP with no damage reduction. It also has an 8% chance per hit (however, this is not a cumulative 8% chance, it is a static 8% chance every hit) to instantly kill a non-boss enemy, healing the user by an amount equal to the enemy's maximum HP.

Glance Reviver is a Swordsman-class weapon, and can only be equipped by Lenneth, Belenus, Jayle, and Lucian.

Since the sword can obtained in 2 places, with one of them being a repeatable battle, it is not a unique item. You can only hold 3 Glance Revivers in inventory (not counting if they are equipped) at a time. You stand a much better chance of knocking a Glance Reviver out of Dark Valkyrie, since it is repeatable, rather than Lezard, but he can also drop one in a treasure chest.

The Glance Reviver also enables Lenneth's Level 3 Nibelung Valesti.

Valkyrie Profile 1, the best choice for this weapon (if you only have one) is Lucian, as his lightning bolt attack hits several times, and each time has that 8% chance to instantly kill an enemy (non-boss).

Name ATK Attack Trust HIT Hit Trust Element Obtained 1,2,3
Glance Reviver60007530095Dark/DeathDark ValkyrieYes, Yes, Yes

Valkyrie Profile 2Edit

"Divine sword imbued with the power to create worlds. Positive power is transformed into negative power to purify enemies."

A Red Slashing Rune that can only be equipped by Light Warriors. Lenneth comes equipped with Glance Reviver.

The sword in this game is far weaker than the version from Valkyrie Profile 1,

Name Stats Attacks Soul Crush Attribute Effect Buy and Cost Materials Find/Drop Unique
Glance Reviver350 ATK3YESNoneNoneN/AN/AN/AYes

Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeEdit

"Sacred glaive capable of birthing worlds entire. Its pure might can be lent to destructive ends"

Name ATK Number of Hits SC Enabled Element Lap # Enemy Type
Glance Reviver5003YesNone5Boss

This sword, while having no innate element in this game, is the 4th strongest weapon behind the Angel Slayer, Dainslef, and Laevateinn swords.