Gerabellum is a settlement in Valkyrie Profile:Lenneth on the southwest of the map. It faces economic trouble and a dispute between the rich and poor. It is known for being the residence of Lucian after he fled from Coriander Village.


Lucian, Dolce, Claire, Barren, and Rusty are all the characters here.

Chapter 2-4Edit

If the Valkyrie should come here in these chapters, then Claire will hit her with a rock out of jealousy for her silver hair and Dolce, an old lady will apologise for her. Lucian comes and is shocked by her resemblance of Platina. A cinematic will ensue of him looking at a lock of silver hair, and earring as Lenneth leaves Gerabellum.

Chapter 5Edit

After concentrating, Lenneth will be called to Gerabellum in Chapter 5 to get Lucian. It is revealed that Lucian and the other thieves have been caught. Barren picked a nobleman's pocket and was discovered. He was then tortured, killed and hung from a post. Lucian and Claire are informed of this and of an army heading for the slums to wipe out the thieves. The slaughter passes, and the entire slum has been destroyed. Lucian and Claire return, distraught after the destruction of their homes. An archer remains and kills Lucian. Claire weeps over him on his deathbed. Lucian reminisces about Platina's death and Claire cries out in despair. Lenneth recruits Lucian and leaves again.

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