Genevieve is a minor character from Valkyrie Profile. She is a powerful undead whose abode is in the Celestial Castle.

Japanese: J.D.ウォルス
Romaji: J.D.WORUSU
Race: Undead
Gender: Female
Homeland: Unknown
Appears In: Valkyrie Profile
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Voice Actors: 20px-Japanese Ai Orikasa
20px-English Kayzie Rogers


It is unknown how long Genevieve has existed on Midgard, but she has apparently been defeated before, and the Celestial Castle sunk into the sea. However, she is presumably revived by Magnus, the court sorcerer of Crell Monferaigne, who summons her to defend himself from an attack by Jayle and Fahn. Genevieve unleashes a bewitchment spell which knocks all the assailaints unconscious, except for Jayle, who is the only woman present. Seeing this and possibly even perceiving the subtleties of her relationship with Fahn, Genevieve taunts her about the fact that she has been using men to achieve her ends. At this point, Lenneth appears to confront her, drawn by her presence. Genevieve then remarks that this is not the first time she has fought the Valkyrie, although she seems to remember that her armour was black or light blue the previous times [1] (which would mean that she once faced both Silmeria and Hrist). Lenneth defeats her, but before she disappears, she tells Magnus that he does not have enough power to control her. She also points out that, while Lenneth was fighting her, Fahn, having regained consciousness, but still bewitched, has stabbed Jayle. Lenneth then recruits Jayle as an Einherjar.

In Chapter 8, the Celestial Castle reappears, signifying that Genevieve has regained her powers, and Lenneth visits it to confront and defeat her once again. Before the battle, Genevieve comments that although Lenneth's armour has changed colour three times, she is still stiff as a spear.


Genevieve is a common female name. It is usually thought to have Germanic origins and be composed of geno (race) and wefa (woman) [2]. The combination would therefore mean something like "woman of the race" and designate Genevieve as a female undead.

In the Japanese version of the game, Genevieve is called J.D. Wallace. Wallace is a common name derived from waleis, the Old French word for "foreign" [3], another possible reference to Genevieve's race.


  • Genevieve is the only undead character in the series to have encountered and fought all 3 Valkyries .
  • Genevieve is alternatively designated as a demon (by Jayle) and as an undead (by Lenneth). It is possible that the term demon is used simply to indicate that she is an evil being.
  • Genevieve's in-game model is significantly taller than a human, even though she otherwise has a human appearance.
  • During battle, Genevieve is seen without her hood on.

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