Gem Blessing is the name of a positive sealstone in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. It is located in the Hall of Valhalla.

Cost to restore: 1,000 crystals
Location: Shell
Effect: The user has a chance of obtaining items instead of purple or shining gems in battle.

This sealstone does not have any effect when set on a dais, as enemies obviously cannot obtain gems or items. Considering that restoring AP is crucial to a good battle strategy, and that obtaining gems is, therefore, very important, this is not a recommended sealstone to hold either. You are not guaranteed to obtain items, and they can usually be easily found elsewhere. It is also rather costly to restore simply to increase the withdrawal limit in the dungeon.


The name of this sealstone is somewhat confusing, as it actually prevents the user from obtaining gems. However, it may mean that any gems obtained in combat are actually turned into items, which is considered as a beneficial effect (hence "blessing").

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