Geena (ジーナ, Ji-na) is a minor character from Valkyrie Profile. She is the landlady of an inn in Villnore where lowlives such as Badrach live. However, she is not intimidated by them and has no trouble admonishing Badrach for his laziness, for instance. She is also the one who tells him that the plant growing in front of the house only blooms one night per month, but has the power of granting wishes if you ever see it bloom. This plays a role in him being recruited as an Einherjar by Lenneth, after he is mortally wounded by an assassin. Geena is also the one who finds his body afterwards.


Geena is an alternative spelling for Gina, a female name of Italian origin which may derive from Georgina or Regina. In the former case, it is based on the Greek word γεωργός (geōrgos, farmer) [1], in the latter case, it is the Latin word for "queen". Thus the name either indicates a low social class or a position of authority, presumably as a landlady.

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