Freya at Water mirror
Name Freya
Level 65
HP 36,000
Race Divine
Atk 1,450
Mag 2,000
Hit 120
Avd 120
Thunder Sword Long range. Multi-target. High Thunder damage.
Victory Sword 5 hits of high to extreme damage. Multi-target
Frigid Damsel 3 hits of medium Ice damage
Earth Grave High level Earth damage to all allies
Prismatic Missile High level Holy damage. Long range
Teleport Counterattack. Teleports elsewhere on the battlefield.
Exact Emotion Targets self. Raises ATK, MAG, RST and RDM.
Ether Strike Soul Crush. Used when under 50% HP. 20 hits of extreme damage. Single target. Automatically ends battle once executed.
Body Parts Body (vital): 36,000 HP
Elements Earth +20%, Fire and Darkness +50%, Lightning and Holy +80%
Vulnerable to Faint (20%) and Frailty (100%)

Place the Law of Consistency Sealstone in a dais prior to the battle in Asgard to prevent Freya using her dangerous Exact Emotion technique. This battle has no real strategy but survival. Avoid her attacks and stay healthy. Also avoid launching techniques as they will cause Freya to fly higher than wanted. Knockdown moves guarantee an ground bounce however. Once Freya is at less then 50% HP, she will launch her Ether Strike Soul Crush to end the battle. Enjoy the ensuing cutscene.

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