Forest of Woe

Lenneth in the Forest of Woe

Snow rarely falls in Crell Monferaigne, but recently it has been blanketed in terrible blizzards. The snowstorms are decimating the plants and animal life in the forest and the stench of their decaying bodies permeates the air in this forest of death.

The Forest of Woe is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated to the east of Crell Monferaigne. This snowy woodland is facing extreme weather conditions induced by an evil force. It is only available on Easy and Normal mode, from Chapter 1 onwards.


The forest was cursed due to the imprudence of a Crell Monferaigne soldier. He found a mysterious orb in some nearby ruins and, struck by its beauty, decided to sell it. However, the orb imprisoned a vampire, which began begging the soldier to release it. Eventually, he complied, taking the orb to a clearing in the forest and following the vampire's instructions. When released, the vampire killed him and cursed the forest with its presence, causing the unnatural wintry weather and violent behaviour in animals. Lenneth senses this and visits the forest to cleanse it, eventually discovering the soldier's body lying next to the orb [1].


  • Eye of Heaven
  • Icicle Edge
  • Flare Crystal (explosion trap)
  • Element Scepter (explosion trap)
  • Element Scepter (explosion trap)
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Flare Crystal (explosion trap)
  • Extreme Guard (artifact)
  • Phoenix Feather (artifact)


  • Lesser Vampire
  • Ghast
  • Dragon Servant
  • Insane Yeti x3 - BOSS

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