Fire Lance is a fire-elemental attack spell usable by Sorcerers, featured in Valkyrie Profile. It may be learned with a Fire Lance spellbook. As any other spell, it can also be cast from the menu.

Description: Two fire bolts are launched at the foe.
Hits: 2
Charge Time: 3
Increase to Gauge: 20 x 2 = 40
Added Effect: None
Multi-target (menu): No
Great Magic: Calamity Blast
Initial Spell: Lorenta, Gandar, Lezard

A Fire Lance spellbook can be obtained in the following ways:

Sacred Phase: Chapter 1
Drop: Pongo, Figment
Treasure: Artolian Mountain Ruins, Solde Catacombs, Seraphic Gate
Transmutation: Fire Storm spellbook (with Creation Gem), Icicle Edge spellbook (with Creation Jewel)

A Fire Lance spellbook can be transmuted into a Fire Storm spellbook (with Creation Gem) or an Icicle Edge spellbook (with Creation Jewel).

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