Valkyrie Profile 2 - Evolver08:05

Valkyrie Profile 2 - Evolver

Evolver fight added by The Blacks


Evolver is the principal boss in Surts Volcano Caverns. He has two forms, which makes the battle a bit complicated. His three attacks can take a lot of HP, even with characters on the team with big fire resistance. He presents the party with the Flamberge sword after defeating the first form.

Particular (Normal) Edit

Race: Giant Level: 26

HP: 6500 Experience: 72000

Atk: 285 Mag: 185 Hit: 55

Avd: 45 Rdm: 50 Rst: 15

Resistance: Ice: -50% Earth: 50% Fire: 100%

Re-Fightable: No

Particular (Lava)Edit

Race: Giant Level: 26

HP: 7200 Experience: 72000

Atk: 300 Mag: 200 Hit: 60

Avd: 50 Rdm: 55 Rst: 20

Resistance: Ice: -80% Earth: 20% Fire: 100% (Absorb)

Re-Fightable: Yes

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