Alicia in the Dragonscrypt

A natural tunnel running beneath the ever-raging sea. The crown jewels' sanctuary leads to the Dragon Palace.

The Dragonscrypt is a location in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. This long cavern, strewn with dragon skeletons, is situated in Northeastern Midgard and forms a passage under the sea between the mainland and the Palace of the Venerated Dragon, located on an island just off the coast. It is a short transition area to the much more complex Palace.


The relic bow is located at the bottom of a deep drop on the third screen.



  • Green Coral (Plant)
  • Gun Fish (Scaled)


  • Traversing the Dragonscrypt is the only means of accessing the Palace of the Venerated Dragon.
  • Although the Palace of the Venerated Dragon is also featured in Valkyrie Profile, the Dragonscrypt is not.

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