Cosmic Spear (Japanese: Final Cherio ファイナルチェリオ Fainaru Cherio) is a darkness-elemental Great Magic spell, featured in Valkyrie Profile. It can be cast by any Sorcerer during a Purify Weird Soul sequence, provided their default attack spell is Dark Savior and their weapon allows Great Magic. As all Great Magic spells, it is multi-target.

Hits: 1
Charge time: 5
Increase to gauge: 50
Base spells: Dark Savior
Incantation: "If ye trust that thy eternal bonds may be broken, then let my words be as a vengeful blade upon thee! Cosmic Spear!"
(Japanese: 我、久遠の絆絶たんと欲すれば 言の葉は降魔の剣と化し汝を討つだろう! ファイナルチェリオ! Waga, kuon no kizuna tatan to hossure ba kotonoha wa kōma no ken to kashi nanji o utsu darou! Fainaru Cherio!)

Cosmic Spear only deals one hit, but adds a good deal of energy to the Gauge. It can thus be used either as the second PWS in a sequence, or the last, to maximize its damage.

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