Clockwork Mansion

Lenneth in the Clockwork Mansion

A clockmaker who liked to experiment on living bodies first owned this Yamato-style mansion. Since he was executed, the mansion has long been deserted. So why can the eerie sound of turning mechanisms be heard emanating from its interior each night?

The Clockwork Mansion is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated on the Western coast of Midgard. This large, Oriental-styled building houses a man-made monster created by its former owner, as well as a complex puzzle in the form of a series of rotating rooms. Moving from one room to another causes every other room except those two to rotate by 90°. A map is helpfully provided before accessing this series of rooms, as the one unlocked by the Eye of Heaven is not precise enough. The dungeon is only available on Hard mode, from Chapter 3 onwards.


  • Eye of Heaven
  • Adept Illusion
  • Guts
  • Mirage Robe (artifact)
  • Mirror of Pleiades (artifact)


  • Necrophidius
  • Chimera - BOSS


Clockwork mansion

The initial configuration of the Clockwork Mansion puzzle

  • Staying too long in one of the rotating rooms will trigger the appearance of a floating samurai's head. Touching it will send Lenneth back to the beginning of the puzzle. This is helpful if you become stuck.
  • None of the chests in this dungeon are trapped.
  • There are strong similarities between the activities of the Mansion's owner and Sha-kon's. However, the owner is designated as male and a clockmaker, rather than a dollmaker, and there is no indication that Sha-kon was executed.
  • The Clockwork Mansion is one of two dungeons in the game which are somewhat reminiscent of the film Cube [1] in the design of their puzzles. The other one is the Arianrod Labyrinth.

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