Citadel of Flame

Lenneth in the Citadel of Flame

A volcanic island to the southwest of Flenceburg. At its center, gushing flaming red lava, is the famous Surt volcano, named after the lord of Muspelheim. It is unknown whether the caves extending beneath the volcano are of natural or man-made origin.

The Citadel of Flame is a dungeon in Valkyrie Profile, situated on an island off the Southern coast of Midgard. This underground stronghold is constructed within the bowels of the Surt volcano and mostly consists of stone slabs suspended over the lava, some of which are activated by switches. A fire elemental inhabits it and consumes any unwary travellers who enter. The dungeon is only available on Hard mode, from Chapter 5 onwards. As its name implies, most enemies here are fire elemental, and thus have a weakness to ice.


  • Eye of Heaven
  • Shadow Servant
  • Soul Slayer (freezing gas trap)
  • Estoc
  • Dark Savior
  • Ghoul Powder
  • Stone Torch (freezing gas trap)
  • Ranseur
  • Flame Jewel (freezing gas trap)
  • Eternal Lamp (artifact)
  • Infernas (artifact)
  • Holy Water of Mithra (artifact)


  • Beetle Giant
  • Rib Forager
  • Necrophiliac
  • Fire Elemental (Type 1)
  • Gelatinous Ooze
  • Figment
  • Fire Elemental (Type 2) - BOSS


  • This dungeon requires some advanced crystal platforming.
  • The first and last rooms of the dungeon include flames raining from the ceiling. Touching one of them will damage Lenneth and knock her back. However, in order to get the boss to appear, you must collect some of these flames into a jar, also found in the final room.
  • Ironically, all the trapped chests in the dungeon contain freezing gas.
  • Geographically, the Citadel of Flame is situated near the location of the Surts Volcano Caverns in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria. Considering their elemental affinity, they have very likely been formed by the same volcano.
  • The dungeon's in-game description designates Surt as the lord of Muspelheim, as he is in Norse mythology. However, when Surt appears in the game, he is depicted as the ruler of Jotunheim, the land of ice, even though he commands fire-based spells.

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